Premarital Counseling

The wedding only lasts a day...
But the marriage lasts a lifetime.

PREMARITAL COUNSELING SPECIAL! 6 sessions for $570.00. Normally $660! (paid in full at time of first session).

When couples are newly in love, they may believe that their relationship will be different, and that they will not undergo the problems that other couples have. However, relationships change with time. All couples have problems; you will too. Premarital counseling can help you to identify which areas will most likely be problematic for you and your partner, and to learn how to manage the difficult areas. Many married or committed couples try to "tough it out" on their own, but continue to do things in the same way, guaranteeing that the problems will continue. They wait until the problem has grown so large and complicated that it is much more difficult to solve. Don't let this be you!

I highly recommend that all couples planning to be married get premarital counseling before tying the knot. In 6-8 sessions you can learn how to communicate more effectively, how to provide better emotional support for each other, and how to plan for a long-term, loving, happy relationship that lasts. I am a Prepare/Enrich facilitator, which provides a thorough assessment of your relationship that is specific to your needs. Following the assessment, which can be done online in the convenience of your own home, we meet for a feedback session and then design a program to help you build a healthy, strong marriage.

You spend so much time and money planning the wedding. Shouldn't you also put effort into planning a life-long marriage? Schedule an appointment today for premarital counseling: 678-209-1348.