Parenting can be a challenge. Between work and school schedules, extracurricular activities, homework, household chores and errands, and family time, many parents today feel overwhelmed and overscheduled. In addition, you and your children face many challenges, such as use of technology, school problems, and social issues. Once your child becomes an older teen and starts driving and dating, these challenges become very serious. And if your child develops serious problems, such as anxiety or depression, drug/alcohol abuse, inappropriate on-line or sexual relationships, or oppositional and defiant behaviors, you may feel that your parenting skills are inadequate to effectively manage these problems.

Many parents are exasperated with their child and want their child to be "fixed." However, it is rare that seeing only the child will completely resolve the problems, because all family members are affected by one member's behavior. Often, many problems you have with your child can be solved by making some changes in how you parent. You may be trying to parent your child the same way you did when he was 5 or 10 years old. Or you may, even unconsciously, be parenting the same way your parents did, which was in another day and time altogether. Those parenting strategies may not be effective any longer.

There are two or three mistakes that most parents make . Even good parents often need to try a new perspective or technique to improve their communication with their child and to increase cooperative behavior. I provide individual sessions with parents on improving their parenting skills and strategies. I am also planning to begin a parenting group/class soon; look for more imformation on this in the near future. Invest in your relationship with your child by scheduling a session with me! 678-209-1348 or [email protected].